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Halloween Ride 2013

The Bus is headed to some scary places on October 19.
To secure your seat on the bus:
 1. fill out the following form
and click Submit
 2. send your $25 deposit
by clicking the Pay Now button under it, or mail a check (payable to Bus For Progress) to Kathy Maher at 1201 Evergreen Ave, Ocean, NJ 07712.

This year we'll visit two great local haunts.

The Nightmare on Gravity Hill in Jackson will scare your socks off! We'll walk their 45-minute trail of terror through an old ghost town, graveyard and haunted field. You may have seen Gravity Hill on Weird NJ - a strange power actually causes cars to roll up hill! Check out Oni's review.

We'll also visit the Corner of Chaos and try to survive all four attractions - the "Wicked Wagon Ride", the "Wooded Wasteland", the "Nightmare Machine", and the award winning "Barbaric Barnyard". They have a large bonfire burning all night to warm you up, and a stage with creeeepy performances! Check out Oni's review.

Join us for a night of fear and fun! Costumes are strongly suggested for everyone on the bus. Kids that don't scare easily are welcome too.

The total cost of $65 covers all the attractions and transportation. A $25 deposit reserves your seat on the bus. We'll ask for another $40 before we board the bus on Saturday.  That's a great value - as both attractions will cost $60 if you drive there yourself!  And trust us - traveling on our "Little Bus of Horrors" will be much more fun!!!

The Bus for Progress is a very fun and comfortable way to travel.  With a full restroom, couches, tables, chairs, a microwave, coffee maker and cooler, you'll enjoy the ride and make new friends along the way.