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The Bus for Progress is a non-profit organization based in Central NJ. We are completely grassroots, made up of everyday folks like yourself! What brings us together is the recognition that many important local, state and federal issues are backsliding before us. We are watching environmental protections become weakened, economic and racial injustice worsen, women's reproductive rights come under fire, rulings pass to allow unlimited influences of money in politics, efforts to dismantle Social Security and Medicare, and the meteoric rise of health care costs and student loans. Throughout our American history, the people have stepped up to set our political leaders back on course. We believe the people must again become involved!

Using our unique bus, our small group:

  • Registers and educates voters to become involved in their government.

  • Fights for the many progressive issues that are currently under fire.

  • Supports progressive politicians with the courage to serve the people's interests and make tough choices.

  • Helps debunk the misinformation and scare tactics that pervade our media.

  • Supports other progressive groups that share our goals.

  • Creates a social network of like-minded folks and has fun!

We thank you for taking the time to learn more about the Bus for Progress! We hope you'll hop on the bus and join our journey to improve our community and protect our future. All of our lives are very busy, but if each of us can contribute just a little, together we can make big things happen!

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