Current Agenda

We asked our members to help us determine the agenda. They voted on a host of issues, and identified the following top 10:

  1. Fight back against climate change. Support policies to reduce carbon emissions. Tell the scientific truths! Fight fracking, tar sands, mountain-top mining and other destructive and carbon intensive activities.
  2. Protect the environment, including clean air, water, wildlife habitat and land preservation. Protect the EPA, and prevent the weakening of environmental regulations.
  3. Limit the influence of money in politics. Fight to reverse the Citizens United. Support campaign finance reform.
  4. Fight economic inequality. Raise the minimum wage to the living wage. Protect bargaining rights for public employees and unions.
  5. Support a real energy policy that expands the use of offshore wind and solar energy. Support the development of more efficient cars, homes, appliances and lighting. Support continued government incentives.
  6. Evolve Affordable Care Act towards the public option / universal single-payer system.
  7. Upgrade our tax laws for parity among the rich and middle class. Remove loopholes ans subsidies that favor wealthy Americans and Corporations. End incentives that move jobs overseas.
  8. Protect a woman's right to reproductive choice. Support family planning, education and easy access to health services. Keep funding Planned Parenthood.
  9. Fight racial injustice. End police brutality, unequal incarceration rates, unequal pay and employment.
  10. Reform our financial system. Return the Glass-Steagall Act. Implement Dodd-Frank Act. Require more transparency at the Federal Reserve. Split up banks too big to fail.

Obviously, our small group does not have the manpower or funding to take on the above issues alone!

We will, however, contact established groups already fighting for these issues and offer the support of our bus and volunteers.

You can help - if you have contacts in groups already engaged in the issues above, you can act as a liaison! Please let us know.