Donations by Organizations

Levels of recognition

$75 or more

  • Your organization's name forever engraved and displayed on the Rock Stars or Green Team plaque.

$200 or more for one person

  • Your organization's name, photograph and statement placed on a Principal Donor Plaque to forever honor your generous contribution.

$2,500 or more

  • 2' x 2' sign on the side of the bus.

For one year the sign provided by you will be displayed for all to see, no matter where the bus goes.

Ways to pay

Through PayPal

By check

Mail checks payable to Bus for Progress to

Kathy Maher

1201 Evergreen Avenue

Ocean, NJ 07712

We also accept donations to the Voter Registration Fund and Rider Fund.

Donations in someone's honor or memory, as well as anonymous donations are welcome. Please provide the appropriate information in PayPal or email it to us.

Thank you for your generosity - and for making the Bus for Progress possible!